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Information as the key to cost reduction

TeamSystem has the goal to reduce their fleet costs – caused by additional kilometres, damages, etc. – by 50% or 300,000 EUR within 2 years. Why is a software like Avrios necessary for this? For Lorenzo Priano, information is the key – all fleet data in one place for the necessary overview.

Learn more about the introduction of Avrios in the video.
Lorenzo Priano, Procurement Manager of TeamSystem
About 800 vehicles, 45 locations, more than 2,000 employees


How to save time in daily fleet management and use it for strategic cost analyses

Enough of manual effort and many errors with Excel-based fleet management! In the end, Aquaservice had an Excel file with more than 24,000 lines. This meant errors, double attributed or even wrongly allocated costs – the nightmare of every fleet manager. With Avrios, Rafael Vañó and Rafael Morales have succeeded in significantly reducing the administrative workload. They are now using the time they have gained for cost and operational analyses in order to reduce fleet costs in a targeted manner.

Find out more in the video.
Rafael Vañó Igual, Procurement Manager and Fleet Manager, and Rafael Morales Aznar, Fleet Manager, Aquaservice, approx. 500 vehicles



Everything in one place - for simple and daily fleet management

Especially with a fleet of vehicles distributed over many locations, it is important to have all data available in one place. This is exactly what Manor has achieved – all data and information can be found by the various users in Avrios, no separate dossiers or archives are necessary any more. The software worked from day 1 and has since proven itself in daily use.

Watch the video to find out why Ms Schmitt recommends Avrios for fleet management.
Cornelia Schmitt, Fleet and Travel Manager, Manor AG,
85 vehicles and about 45 shops throughout Switzerland
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