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Corporate car sharing software

The Avrios platform goes way beyond the traditional fleet management software and embraces the future of mobility management and tailored transportation solutions. Our corporate car sharing solution enables firms to effectively manage shared vehicles.

Streamline communications

Managing shared vehicles can be very time-consuming. The number of emails and phone calls required for just a single vehicle booking can be overwhelming. But with our online booking tool, drivers can quickly and easily manage their own vehicle requests – saving you both time and effort. Drivers receive all the relevant confirmations and booking information by text message – automatically. 

Stay in control

With so many drivers using a range of different vehicles, just keeping on top of everything can be a real nightmare. But with our Corporate Car Sharing Software, fleet managers can monitor accountability, adjust bookings and manage preferences – all with the click of a mouse. And because each vehicle has its own centralised records and bookings history, investigating incidents and optimizing your policies will be a total breeze.

Reduce your costs

Without good information and analytics, optimising your pool fleet will be almost impossible. With our powerful reporting tools, you will be able investigate booking trends and analyse vehicle usage in order to determine the optimal pool size for your fleet – potentially making huge cost savings. We’ll even help you to avoid excess mileage charges for leased vehicles.

Most popular features

Reservation requests

With our online booking tool, drivers can make vehicle reservation requests quickly and easily – wherever they are.

Let drivers book their own vehicles

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Manage bookings effortlessly


With our online car sharing calendar, fleet managers can manage bookings effortlessly. You can confirm requests, allocate cars and adjust bookings instantly. And the best thing is, drivers receive automated booking confirmations so you can keep your emails to an absolute minimum. They will also receive an automatic notification if the booking details have been changed. 

Pools & vehicles

Complex organizational structures can make managing a fleet of pool cars very complicated – and highly inefficient. With Avrios, you can easily create different car pools and assign usage rights based on the specific needs of your business.

Create multiple car pools

Optimise the size of your pool fleet

Utilization reports

With our advanced reporting functions, you can analyse car usage and optimize the size of your pool fleet. You can also allocate costs to specific cost centres, investigate damage incidents and produce reports to avoid costly mileage charges – all within one integrated, easy-to-use platform.

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