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Transforming the business through digital innovation

Look no further than Avrios for fleet management digitization

“Avrios is the perfect tool to identify the causes of unnecesssary cost – so you can take immediate action and substantially reduce costs.”

Matteo Valle
Head of General Services, OVS

Multiple locations and a dynamic workforce

With revenues exceeding €1.42 billion, OVS is one of the world’s leading fashion brands and is the largest clothing retailer in its home market of Italy. The global operation includes 1,285 locations across 35 countries with a dynamic workforce that regularly travels between different offices.

The senior management team set a number of innovation and improvement objectives for the business and Matteo Valle, Head of General Services took the initiative to transform the global fleet management operations.

  • Digitising the in-store customer experience
  • Transforming internal business processes
  • Improving operational efficiency
Implementing the most advanced solution available

The fleet was being administered using spreadsheets and email, so the easy answer was to implement a dedicated fleet management software solution the hard part was figuring out which one to buy. After some initial investigation though, Matteo easily concluded that the Avrios Fleet Management Platform was the best solution for them.

After implementing Avrios and improving their reporting on cost irregularities, OVS were able to uncover significant cost savings totalling several thousand euros per year. Here are the main benefits they have enjoyed.

  • Reduced fuels costs due to better visibility 
  • Better mileage planning to avoid excess charges
  • Lower maintenance costs through better contract management
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Explore the benefits

Integrating your data

  • Digital innovation
  • Improved efficiency
Fuelling your decisions

  • Comprehensive data
  • Smarter decisions


Streamlining your communications

  • Decreased complexity
  • Increased collaboration
Optimizing your fleet

  • Improved control
  • Reduced cost

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