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Reducing the time spent on fleet management by 21%

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“We streamlined our processes so much that we no longer needed full service leasing and this gave us the freedom to choose our own suppliers.”

Jonathan Riegel
Chief Information Officer, Kasto

Expanding fleet and growing complexity

From its base in Germany, Kasto – the sawing and storage technology specialists – was expanding rapidly into North America and Asia. But these new additions to the global fleet management operation highlighted some serious problems for the company.

While the vehicle fleet was growing in size and complexity, managing it effectively with spreadsheets and paper files was becoming less and less viable. So, the company’s Chief Information Officer, Jonathan Riegel took on the challenge of finding a new solution that would achieve a number of business objectives.

  • Streamline the administrative and operational processes
  • Increase the visibility and control of specific activities and costs
  • Develop the internal fleet management function and avoid outsourcing
Replacing inefficient and out-of-date systems

After evaluating a number of alternative software solutions, Jonathan decided that the Avrios Fleet Management Platform was the only way to meet all their needs. And in 2016, Kasto embarked on a full-scale implementation of Avrios which integrated data from all their various suppliers and automated a number of their manual processes.

Since implementing Avrios, Kasto has managed to reduce the time dedicated to fleet management by 21% whilst, at the same time, improving transparency and controlling costs. Here are the main benefits they have enjoyed.

  • More efficient management of external suppliers
  • Improved reporting on cost irregularities
  • Automation of driver communication

Explore the benefits

Integrating your data

  • Digital innovation
  • Improved efficiency
Automating your processes

  • Reduced workload
  • Enhanced procurement


Streamlining your communications

  • Decreased complexity
  • Increased collaboration
Optimizing your fleet

  • Improved control
  • Reduced cost
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