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Integrating data and comms to optimise control

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The future of fleet management software is here today

“Avrios is the ideal platform to achieve my targets. With automatic data integration from Avrios, I can analyse fuel card receipts in a quick and efficient manner – something simply not possible before.”

Fleet Manager, Cantine Mezzacorona

Traditional company with modern ideas

Founded in 1904, the Mezzacorona Group is the leading producer of wine in the Trentino region and includes over of 1600 partner winegrowers across 12 different wine brands. With the expanding vehicle fleet divided across regions, the traditional administration method of using spreadsheets and paper-based files was no longer fit for purpose. Things needed to change.

The goal for Fleet Manager, Alessandro Gius was to find a new way to optimise the control of all activities relating to their fleet – from data and information to communications and costs.

  • Integrate data from multiple sources
  • Modernise communication methods
  • Optimise control and cost reduction
Delivering a unique software and consulting solution

Alessandro knew that he needed a dedicated software solution to help optimise his fleet and soon recognised that the Avrios Fleet Management Platform – with its unique integration and automation capabilities – was just what he was looking for.

After meeting with the Avrios fleet management consultants, a personalised optimisation plan was developed that allowed Mezzacorona to meet their strategic objectives. With Avrios installed, basic administrative tasks that used to take all day, can now be completed in under 5 minutes. Here are the main benefits they have enjoyed.

  • Improved communication with drivers
  • Automatic upload of fuel card data
  • Quick and efficient data analysis

Explore the benefits


Integrating your data

  • Digital innovation
  • Improved efficiency

Automating your processes

  • Reduced workload
  • Enhanced procurement



Streamlining your communications

  • Decreased complexity
  • Increased collaboration

Optimizing your fleet

  • Improved control
  • Reduced cost
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